NCI Holi Week

This (reading) week was set in the light of celebrating Indian Holi here at the National College of Ireland. This post will however not write about what Holi is, why people bathe in color or why NCI celebrates it. I simply want to share this video and let you see for yourself — for everything else, there is Wikipedia and all the rest of the endless web.

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Everything starts with the First


“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.” said the King to Alice. And he was right: Most things start at the beginning and all you can do is to keep doing it until you reach a mature level. I am not so sure about the stopping part, but we will see…

So this is the beginning of my blog.

I will cover topics of teaching, research and general research tools — such as LaTeX and R and everything else one can use to make the academic process more effective, more consistent and a lot more pleasant.

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