Multimedia and User Credibility Knowledge Extraction (MUCKE)

Vienna University of Technology, AT | 01 Apr 2013 – 31 Dec 2015 | € 1.1 Mio | FWF

The project addressed the stream of multimedia social user data with new and reliable knowledge extraction models for data shared on social networks. I conducted research in user credibility estimation for multimedia streams and adaptive multimedia concept similarity.

Conquering Data in Austria (FFG ICT Project)

TU Wien, AT | 01 Jun 2014 – 31 Dec 2014 | € 70k | FFG

The study captured the current state of the art on Big Data and Data Analytics in Austria together with a recommendation and a comprehensive roadmap that formed future ICT calls for the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). I contributed to and shaped the comprehensive literature review, the workshops, the questionnaire and the interviews with major Big Data and Data Analytics stakeholders in Austria.

Personalization of the Digital Library Experience (PooDLE)

Rutgers University, USA | 01 Apr 2008 – 31 Dec 2010 | $ 964k | Institute of Museum & Library Services

The project investigated ways to help improving people’s ability to find information they need in digital libraries by examining the interaction of factors such as the searchers location, individual characteristics, the nature of his or her task, behavioural data (such as eye tracking data). I worked on designing and conducting interactive user studies in Interactive IR and developed first prototypes that identify components and reproduce user study designs. Early ideas on bringing reproducibility to Interactive IR developed during this time.

A Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Technology (DILIGENT)

Strathclyde University, UK | 01 Mar 2005 – 31 Mar 2007 | € 8,9 Mio | EU-IST, 6th Framework

DILIGENT created an advanced grid-based test-bed for digital library creation. I worked as a research assistant to develop state of the art infrastructure components.


The Robert Gordon University, UK | 01 Mar 2002 – 30 Sept 2004 | € 5 Mio | EU-IST, 5th Framework

The project investigated the use of environmental and individual user context information to develop personalised interactive information services for mobile users. My role was to conducted mobile user studies that investigated the effect of contextual changes on users’ mobile search behaviour in interactive indoor and outdoor scenarios.